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Nowadays such a rally has not only the tractions but such auxiliary attractions as vintage and veteran cars and motorcycles, fairground organs, historic commercial vehicles, ancient farm tractors, a steam children-carrying model railway, engineering models; miniature steam traction-engines, stationary engines, and even a special service at the nearby Parish Church.

Steam enthusiasts were admirably catered for by Fowler, Garret, Foster, Burrell, Marshall, Ransomes, Foden, Aveling, Clayton, Wallis, and Sentinel engines and a Ransomes portable steam-raiser.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Ailsa Craig - Albion - Associated British Oil Engine Company(ABOE Co.) - Bamford - Belliss and Morcom - Blackstone - Bradford Gas Engine Co. - Blackstone - British Polar Engines - Caterpillar - English Electric - MAN - MTU - Rolls Royce engines - Ruston Paxman Diesels Ltd - Sulzer - Volvo Penta - William Doxford & Sons AGCO SISU Power - Agrale - Amanco - Atlas - Briggs & Stratton - Buda Engine Co.

Genuine Lister aluminium water flanges used for the water inlet and outlet ports on all Lister CS engine types.

The sound made when the engine is running without a load is a distinctive "POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP" as the engine fires and then coasts until the speed decreases and it fires again to maintain its average speed.

Many engine manufacturers made hit-and-miss engines during their peak use—from approximately 1910 through the early 1930s when more modern designs began to replace them.

it would be invidious to pick out a "best", but Foden's own 1916 five-tonner wagon with centre-pivot steering always appeals to me.

Many of the engines were new to this rally and I see that the 1927 Wallis & Steevens roller, once owned by Christopher Jennings, late of , was entered and that Robert Wynn, the heavy-haulage contractors, had brought their 1920 Fowler.

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