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The news proved to be too much to take for Joanie, who had always suspected her husband loved Lisa more than her.But despite that you still feel you belong together?are dating has spread across the internets like wildfire, conjuring heartwarming domestic scenes involving Dale asking Jack to taste his lamb jus, as Jack measures Dale's inseam for a pair of stripey trousers that will eventually find their way beneath the couple's shared Hanukkah Bush.Not everyone is wholeheartedly in favor of the union, however, as some fans have already registered concern that the openly HIV-positive First I think its interesting that people just assume he is HIV negative-which he is. Anyway-I feel the need to address the issue since I am so open about my status.She’s got a heart and loves Leila- but realises this is complicated.She wants to do right thing.'But her and and Pete have been together a couple of times so some emotions are obviously going to be involved.'Host Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes also questioned her over Priya's potential pregnancy story line, to which she teased: 'We have to wait and see if she is with child.

And there is further bad news in store for Eileen and Tony following the horror attack. Nick finally admits his feelings for Carla and the pair spend the night together. But, as the time comes to head home, is Craig in for some holiday heartbreak? The week ends on a particularly bad note for Fiz and Tyrone who take an under the weather Hope for a checkup and are then told she needs an emergency ultrasound scan… Phil is stunned when Kathy turns up at the Arches, begging for his support and for more money.

She told Zak: 'I don’t know how to tell you this, but Joanie’s died.

I collected her from prison like we planned, we were talking, it was fine, then she keeled over.'I called an ambulance, they tried to resuscitate her but she had gone.'The sudden change of pace sent fans into frenzy, as they took to Twitter to post: 'Joanie #Emmerdale dead. Love shocks'Joanie #Emmerdale was not expecting that..', 'Wait....

The talented 38-year-old actress also admitted that her character is now having 'regrets' and also draws experiences from her own account of heartbreak.

The dramatic story line sees Priya engaging in a saucy affair with her pal Leila's (Roxy Shahidi) boyfriend Pete (Anthony Quinlan) while she lives under their roof.

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First of all safer sex is VERY easy to practice and doesn't detract from the experience in any way.

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