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The study of human evolution has been revolutionized by inferences from ancient DNA analyses.

Key to these studies is the reliable estimation of the age of ancient specimens.

About the Author: Leslie Malchy Leslie Malchy is a Relationship psychotherapist working in private practice, Soft Landing Therapy, in Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.

By studying the linear relationship between the dates of Neanderthal admixture and the radiocarbon dates, we obtain, to our knowledge, the first direct estimate of the historical generation interval of 26–30 y.A gold rush that took place ∼300 yr ago in Diamantina, Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil (Fig.1), exploited gold with a distinctive palladiferous signature.Our results indicate that U/Th– The radiometric dating of gold deposits almost invariably requires the assumption that datable minerals, e.g., monazite and arsenopyrite, are coeval with the gold with which they are spatially associated.Only exceptionally, natural gold accumulates enough Re to allow the direct dating of gold using the decay of He method gave geologically reasonable results (Eugster et al., 1992; Niedermann et al., 1993), but had problems with excess He from fluid inclusions (Eugster et al., 1995; Pettke et al., 1997).

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