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Posting it in Facebook group Straight Up Yorkshire, they wrote: 'This is why I love Yorkshire.'A friend of mine called Jade was on a night out in Leeds and she saw a busker, she goes over and asks if she can have a sing, his face is absolutely priceless when he realises how good she is, the busker is also amazing.' The clip was shared less than 24 hours ago and has already amassed more than 6.7 million views online and 125,000 reactions.

Jade Helliwell, 25, a full-time musician, from Batley, West Yorkshire, was enjoying a night out with friends when she spotted Dawid Osial entertaining crowds with his singing talents.

The girls were on Good Morning Britain this week, where they revealed they had once pranked some radio DJs during an interview into believing that Jade was dating the Biebs – to the point they accidentally made the host cry!

Jesy revealed, “We were in Australia and we did a radio interview, and basically the guy and the woman who do it play pranks against each other and they got Jade to pretend that she had a thing with Justin Bieber, so they got them to ask questions about Justin Bieber and Jade stormed out.

that they could be more than friends: "Jade and Jed have been friends for a while but they've been enjoying some down time together in January when they've been in the same country.

Steve q wants to experience an extraordinary sex adventure, and he's going to attempt this through a mysterious newspaper advertisement for the ultimate blind date.

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According to The Sun Owen, who is 25 years older than Wan-Li, has bonded with his new companion over their love of tennis – and they certainly seemed to be getting on very well as they sat courtside.

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