Jo de la rosa and lucas still dating

Lauri deals with the aftermath of her divorce and lower status life outside the gates.Things get even more complicated when her adult daughter comes home for a surprise visit.Why did you decide to do a show like this, where your ex helps you find a new boyfriend?Well, if I can be completely honest, this wasn't a project I wanted to do at first.

Lucas has had extensive line of work in the entertainment industry ranging from TV hosting, print and fitness modeling, hip-hop dancing, radio DJ, and a NBA body-double to name a few.In 20, she starred as Detective Jo Martinez in the ABC series Forever.From 2016 to 2017, she has starred in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders as Special Agent Clara Seger.Jo ventures out and meets Kimberly, her first gated housewife friend.Vicki spares no expense to celebrate her daughter Briana's prom and graduation party but dreads her ex- husband's arrival for the festivities.

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