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A popular pizzeria in downtown Elgin will close following one last 5-hour shift Saturday, after one of the owners suffered a stroke while working at the eatery.

"It's time to sell and to take care of the family," said Mike Butirro, co-owner of Chooch's Pizzeria in downtown Elgin. School District U46 is hosting an informational session Wednesday for interested Hispanic and African-American parents or guardians wishing to develop leadership skills.

School board members Tuesday approved the renewal of its contracts with the Algonquin, Carpentersville, Hampshire, and West Dundee local governments to continue using police officers from their...

A free community barbecue will be among the family-oriented events happening in Elgin this weekend. Spring St., in the Neighborhood Deli owner-operator Jeff Turner will be hosting his first community-wide summer barbecue and his 19th overall community-wide...

His 12-year-old cousin, Alexis Stubbs, died in June.

Then in July, his sister, Alexis Morris, died a week after her 22nd birthday....

The Mountain Village cam faces both the Snowcrest and Village Center buildings in the Mountain Village plaza, with Lone Mountain in the background.

The car fled the scene after the crash, proceeding southbound on Country Farm Road.

“We try to have belles at the event, because nothing is more quintessential associated with the Azalea Festival, with the garden tour, with the Azalea Festival than with the belles,” Powell said.

Powell said they planted azaleas in 10 different county parks today.

It also helps us to be good stewards of the environment as well as protect our natural areas.

Chapter 26 of the Code of Miami-Dade, Rule 16 states: ''No person, minor or adult, shall enter or be in water at any bathing area wearing, carrying, pushing or towing any flotation device.'' Sign Up for Activities Haulover Beach Park contains the largest remaining stretch of undeveloped beach front in Miami-Dade County.

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For more information visit Miami Parking Authority.

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