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Organizations and legal entities desiring to use material from the Media Library may request permission from our Permissions page.For more information about using and sharing Church media, check out our FAQ page.Could Gilbert Hunt's obscure book written in KJV language about the War of 1812 have been the inspiration for the Book of Mormon?Some critics says yes, based on poorly applied "big data" methodology and very curious parallels, like linking Lehi's Liahona (a round compass-like object Lehi providentially discovered while in the desert) to another round, metallic object in Hunt's book--why, a naval torpedo, of course!My "Facetious Corner" of answers to facetious questions (or sometimes facetious answers to real question) has been split.There is now Facetious Corner: Part One and Facetious Corner: Part Two.

Also see The Mormon Interpreter for interesting information from scholars that might be of interest to some readers seeking to better understand our faith and our scriptures.This page explores the controversy in light of recent scholarship.Book of Mormon Plagiarism Theories and The Late War -- exploring an interesting case of confusing random parallels for plagiarism and fraud.To get a temple recommend one must successfully undergo a recommend interview in which one meets with one’s bishop and another LDS Church leader (member of the stake presidency).In this interview one is asked, among other things if they: are a full tithe payer (10%), have abstained from coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol, are morally pure, and totally support and respect Mormon Church leaders.

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