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Skoro jsem měl pocit, že jsem přijel ke kamarádce na kávu a ne k domině. Vždycky byla přísná a nesmlouvavá a dnes samé legrácky.

„Když ale jeden z nich nesplníš…,“ řekla tak, že mi naskočila husí kůže.

Pokud jste to ovšem sami někomu nevyžvanili, což nedoporučujeme.

Na chvíli zakolísá připojení a vám na obrazovce zamrzne výraz vašeho protějšku v tom nejlepším/-horším. Nemáte-li dost kreditu a vyčerpáte datové připojení, je to v háji. Chvíli může trvat, než se při sexu po telefonu dostanete do té správné nálady.

Sharing intimate photos and videos is bad enough.“But all it takes is a rogue comment about the soldier’s whereabouts or where his mates are and suddenly there’s a security risk to contend with.”One 38-year-old from the Royal Corps of Signals claims he was forced to turn over £2,500 after a “Skype sex” session.

The solider told the People: “I had to enter personal details, including I was a member of the armed services.“Three days later I got a message from a woman in her late 20s.

And you can say romantic things like come closer so your head is actual size.

MARC MARON: Because you can talk in real time with the person on the computer.

Není to zrovna téma, které byste chtěli druhý den s mamkou a taťkou rozebírat u snídaně.

CONAN: let me ask you about your life because you talked a lot and come on the show many years and talked about your relationships, ups and downs, a lot of downs -- MARC MARON: Why do you got to -- CONAN: let's be honest.

MARC MARON: Right now I'm dating somebody that seems to be going well.

Leach also admitted to police that the minor victims babysat for his daughter and he would expose himself and commit sex acts in front of them.

"Leach admitted during an interview with law enforcement that he had set up the Skype account to communicate with these minor victims and others, and frequently requested that they expose themselves to him during the conversations," according to the statement.

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MARC MARON: You can have sex anywhere, in any form.

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