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Isn't she lovely though," along with the photo of Lim Bo Ra. Swing With Us is the world's first dating app dedicated for couple.It’s half-past ten on the eve of the general election and my Tinder is on fire.I’m not looking to hook up with anyone for sex on the ubiquitous dating app — this, let’s face it, is what most millennials use it for — but what I’m doing tonight might result in several MPs getting shafted.After a debate-style question and answer session, the studio audience once again voted on which bachelor they think Monique should go out with.

SEE ALSO: [Interview] Taeyang talks about what Big Bang means to him, his World Tour, his future, and more On March 24, photos of Swings and his alleged girlfriend have been circulating online, and his agency Just Music Entertainment hasn't confirmed either way as the 30-year-old rapper is currently staying in America.

But in the spirit of American democracy, our audience took part in a “primary,” narrowing the six men down to just two.

Monique heard from both MICHAEL, from the battleground state of Florida, and Jason, representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I had dark patches beneath my eyes and gray strands sprouting from my messy mom hair.

Steve helped a woman named MONIQUE, who has volunteered for the last year and a half to help get her candidate elected to President!

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