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This week traditionally garners a 5% gain in the number of users who log in and an approximate 10% gain in messages.

"This is fairly significant as traffic does not normally change this much in such a short period," CTO Mike Maxim tells TIME via email. OKCupid says sign-ups increase on the holiday, with 10% more men creating accounts and 35% more women.

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OKCupid Considering that the site's mascot is the symbol of Valentine's Day, it shouldn't be a surprise users celebrate accordingly. Are you one of those lucky girls who have already had a boyfriend? Did he ask you out on a date face-to-face, over the phone, or even in a letter? However you met, you can relive your first meeting in these boyfriend games for girls! There are so many questions that run through a girl’s head when she has a certain boy on her mind!The leading purveyors of digital courtship confirm that, for the most part, Valentine's Day sees a spike in user activity.(On JDate, instant messaging has gone up 150% on the holiday).

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The week after, things slow to normal, which could mean the connections were taken offline.

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