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Afterwards I had to re-think life from almost every angle.I learned how lucky I am not only to be alive, but to be surrounded by the wonderful people in my life who came to my side, looked after me and gave me an anchor to rely on. I ride with my good friend Hugo and a Scottish genius named Leif Lewis who I rely on to look after all the serious work my motos need.GH: My first manager, Suzanne De Walt, saw a play I was in.She was invited by the director Joan Scheckel, who was my first real acting teacher.

At 28, he was accepted into the Actors Conservatory Program with the classical theater company A Noise Within.

I really believe that seeing the faces and hearing the voices of these people made it possible for me to find a way out of the darkness. Religion hasn't been a part of my life for a long time, if ever, but I do have a new found appreciation of the principle of faith. I say that your friends and family are your anchor. I had screwed around with some bizarre 'performances' that I filmed on Super 8 for a film class I was taking at SFAI, but the pieces were super raw and primitive. I feel blessed and very fortunate, but a lot of my dreams continue to evade me...

And you can REALLY hold their hands, not just sing about it. IR: How many motorcycles do you have and what makes/models? After I began to explore what an actor actually is, I studied for three years before I had the guts to go on an audition. IR: How did you get your first agent and/or manager representation?

The couple called it quits, and Gale moved on but Danielle couldn’t. The event went to court where Gale said the attack came after a couple of days of the split.

The individuals never think about the turmoil following them when they start a relationship.

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